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Import CSV file to Demo site

Import CSV file to Demo site



I subscribed to the "Demo" for Magento. I want to do is import a CSV file. Form the examples on this site it appears that I need to click on System tab and select "Import". However, when I do this on the Demo it does not show a selection for "Import". Can someone shed some light on what I may be doing wrong?





Re: Import CSV file to Demo site



I'm very confused. What do you mean: "I subscribed to the "Demo" for Magento."? You set up your own Magento Demo site? Or using from another website? I think we should set up our own Magento Demo site on our local computer or servers. 

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Re: Import CSV file to Demo site



Thanks for the reply.

In the banner for "Magento" there is "Free Demo". I downloaded it. When I received my conformation. 

It allowed me to login as "Admin". 

This is the site that I'm trying to use.

According to the info I found in the forum I should be able to click on "System" and there I should be able to see "Import".

I do not see it. And, too I was lead to believe that I could use  a backdoor method using this "Demo" store site called "Madison Island".

I create a account, but I did not see a way to use it as a backdoor to "Magento". All I'm trying to do is be able to upload "CSV" file for testing. I was able to test CSV files using "Joomia" to "HikaShop". Joomia alowed me too use a "Free" template to create a dummy site in order to use it as a "Backdoor" to "HikaShop".


So my over all concern is how to test csv files for the proper format.