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Import / Export To / From Magento with ERP software


Import / Export To / From Magento with ERP software

Hi, new to Magento, I am VP of Development for an ERP software developer, and have increasing demand from our customers to integrate to Web Store / POS systems.  Assuming a Magento Web Store could also be used locally for POS, I am looking for any resources that might help me understand how to move data to / from my system (for inventory levels, import Magento sales data, etc) and Magento.  Of particular interest is period / end of day export from Magento of what was sold with Customer and Order details, and import into Magento with current inventory data and pricing.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,




Re: Import / Export To / From Magento with ERP software

In Magento 1, it was common to either use the SOAP API or build a custom extenion for your Magento customers to install which provided the ability to fetch order and customer information out easily. The reason an extension was usually the solution was because the API wasn't very fast. 


In Magento 2, it's more likely that that the REST APIs will provide sufficient information for you to pull information out, and update Magento with the latest stock levels etc. See their documentation here:

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