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Import products from WooCommerce

Import products from WooCommerce



I have my products currently at woocommerce and I want to import those products to magento as I moving my site from wordpress to magento.


The products are variable products with different attributes (like shirts with neck sizes and shoes of different sizes) so what is the most efficient to perform the migration?


I googled about it and I found about cart2cart. Is it good? And its charging me around $110 (or something) for 2000 products so is there any cheaper extension/software/plugin for this (as I have been instructed by the auhtority above).


I have exported the product feed from woocommerce/wordpress but I am not sure how can I import that here as I mentioned earlier that products are variable with different attributes.


Looking forward to all the help I can find.


Thank you


Re: Import products from WooCommerce

Hello @shahzaibdgr8


You have these options to migrate your Products from wordpress to Magento

1. Use Default Import/Export tool of Magento, download the csv by adding few products in Magento from catalog. By seeing csv you will get idea how you need to make the csv to import the products.

2. Use Data Profile Import/Export tool of Magento, This is also default Magento feature but little different with normal Import/Export. Same process can be done and check.

3. You can use the litextension woocommerce to Magento migration tool.

4. You can ask us for the migration at very affordable cost.

5. Use Cart2Cart.

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Re: Import products from WooCommerce

Hello @theMageComp


Thank you for your reply.



Can you please tell me how can I get in touch with you about the information of Woocommerce to Magento migration and how much will it cost?

Re: Import products from WooCommerce

You can try Litextension migration tool. It seems much cheaper than cart2cart and works so well also. I found it on magentocommerce herer and used it to transfer data from my woo site to magento. So comfortable. Highly recommend!

Re: Import products from WooCommerce

Judging from my own experience - yes, cart2cart is good. And yes - there are cheaper tools (perhaps), but I wouldn’t risk the security of my data to save extra $10. Go with demo, if in doubts. It’s free.



Re: Import products from WooCommerce

Nowadays, I think users can export products from woocommerce to magento 2.2 - the next version of magento with many radical improvement about features. You can image that the process will export data from woocommerce and match to magento. However the project runs automatically by magento migration extension.