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Integration with Personify

Integration with Personify

Hi there - 

(I searched but didn't find anything)


I'm running Magento CE 


My client uses Personify for, among other things, identity management. The store I'm creating has two prices, a retail price and a member price.  Membership is managed through Personify - is there a way, other than updating a customer list manually, to integrate with personify that anyone knows?  Ideally, members could sign on through the clients home website OR their Magento webstore using the same credentials and those credentials would be passed back and forth. 


I'm asking here because there are several SSO integrations, but all of them tend to be pricey and I'd rather buy one that works.


Here is the information I've found. Evidently, Personify has an Open API that supports SAML and OAuth (two protocols I have absolutely no experience with but are apparently critical to this process).


Any and all guidance for this SSO->Magento newbie would be much appreciated.  


Thank you!