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Is Magento offline possible


Is Magento offline possible

Hi, i'm newbie and i want to know if it possible to consult my product catalog offline because our representative don't have internet and it's very important for me. 


Re: Is Magento offline possible

Magento will require a working web server with PHP and MySQL in order to run. It is not a static website, but a web application. Everything is dynamic and generated from templates being filled with database content.


The typical offline method is to take a Macintosh and install it directly on this BSD Unix derived OS or with a Windows PC laptop, install Virtualbox, create a Linux VM for the server environment and run Magento on it. Magento runs best on *nix operating systems.


You can cludge together a WAMP system, but there are difficulties down that road that will bite you, plus the performance usually stinks.

Re: Is Magento offline possible

I'm gonna say it again, i'm a newbie.  


Will my catalog be usable on a tablet (android or iOS) because my representatives will only use the tablet.


If yes, is it complicated to build ?

Is it OFFLINE possible ?



Re: Is Magento offline possible



I use application to work offline without internet and then synchronize, but it is for Windows.

Re: Is Magento offline possible

Ok thanks... Smiley Sad