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Is Magento the same as Shopify?

Is Magento the same as Shopify?

I can't choose between Magento and Shopify. Please tell me why Magento is better than Shopify?Smiley Happy


Re: Is Magento the same as Shopify?

Hello @dmygmailco6da1 


Magento and Shopfiy both are ecommerce platforms. As I have worked on both platforms and deliver multiple projects. As per my understanding Magento is far better than shopfiy as magento is open source and we can create and customize functionality from home page to checkout, where shopify has some restrictions.

Kindly refer below link which help you:
shopify vs magento 


It may help you!
thank you

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Re: Is Magento the same as Shopify?

When developing your eCommerce Store, you find it very difficult to choose any of these two eCommerce Platforms. Both platforms are eCommerce Giants in the industry.


But you can compare both platforms on the basis of some factors like Popularity, ease of use, features, scalability, pricing, etc.


If you have a clear idea about what your business requirement is, what is your business plan, and what is your budget, then the above factors will definitely help you to choose between Magento & Shopify.


Magento is a reliable platform irrespective of the type of your eCommerce business.


For a better understanding, you can check this Magento Vs Shopify Guide.

Re: Is Magento the same as Shopify?

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Shopify and Magento are the top eCommerce platforms in the market. While Magento is an open-source solution that grants users complete control over their site, Shopify is a hosted platform that provides an all-in-one service to build your online business. I hope you understand the difference between both.

Re: Is Magento the same as Shopify?

Hello, Magento is obviously better.  I also was thinking where to start build website. Then have found this . This is Magento specialists and they helped me a lot.