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Is it the right time to use Magento 2.2 now?

Is it the right time to use Magento 2.2 now?

Hello,  Please help .... !


I need an advice to decide whether to integrate everything with Magento2.2


Our current situation is : 

[In A-Country:]
- 2 warehouses (room temperature, refrigerated),
- 2 stores,
- 20 Checkout machines for each store
- ERP: MS Dynamic NAV (Managing SELL, ORDER, Inventory for the 2 real stores)
- EC: One site , not Magento YET
⇒ Now It is a matter because it is not integrated with inventory and stores's order automatically.


[In B-Country]
From now on, we are planning to open stores.
- at least 2 warehouse
- at least more than one.
- more than 10 checkout machines.
- MS Dynamic NAV for B Country only
- EC: need this one for new country.


As this global expansion, We have been talking about making an EC site in magento.

Some Vendor suggest the cost of building an EC site with Magento and Dynamic NAV linked is around 150,000 USD


Current EC sites in the A-country are average 5 orders per day (MAX: 10 orders , MIN: 1-2 orders) and one day sales are less than 500 USD.


In this situation, investing 150,000 USD, Is it right for the future EC business ?

and also is it the really important to integrate magento with MS Dynamic NAV and WMS(Warehouse management system) at the begining of Global EC business?


If your opinion is YES! Magento is the answer! then please let me know how much features we have to integrate Dynamic NAV & WMS onto Magento?  - As each Magento and NAV has various features so I wonder if we could start with a few mininum features at the begining and then expand it step by step.


Thanks for reading !!!