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Large file digital download e-commerce?

Large file digital download e-commerce?



I'm currently in the process of setting up a company that will be offering large digital downloads (potentially 100gb+) and I'm in the search for an commerce platform to dive into.


We'd need to perform some file processing on the back end once a customer has put an order in.

At its most basic, the type of processing would be zipping up a selection of files based on the order details, and its most complex we'd ideally be able to perform some custom file editing (which we're currently doing manually via python). Then presenting the results as a download. 


Does this sound like something Magento is capable of? (Obviously additional development to implement features is expected, I'd assume).

Is there a software stack that in combination can handle this with Magento?


Ecommerce platforms are pretty out of my depth currently and I'm struggling to find information on the right path to take with this journey.


I'm hoping to not have to build too much from scratch (i.e the basic commerce side of things), but to be able to implement features into an existing system. Am I in the right place for that?


Thanks a lot for any advice, it is greatly appreciated.