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Leaving Channel Advisor for Magento ,advice needed please

Leaving Channel Advisor for Magento ,advice needed please

Good Morning


I am about to leave CA, as outsourcing work is very hard to do, or too expensive as channel advisor is so complex, and there are no affordable developers. I really want to out source my business such as ebay listing creation, website maintenance, improve website functionality, improve ebay templates etc etc.


All I hear is good things about magento, and I am wondering why I am with CA?


With CA I am constantly hitting brick walls, I find there system is overly complex and frustrating. As well as there very expensive charges, I think I might be better investing the £1000 a month outsourcing with magento.


Does anyone have experience moving from CA to magento. Does magento have similar functionality as CA. I understand that it will be a new learning curve. I am very nervous of the transition as I have used CA for many years.


I would very much appreciate any advise on this, thank you Steve


Re: Leaving Channel Advisor for Magento ,advice needed please

Without knowing what you are trying to accomplish or what your goals are it is very difficult to asnwer your question. However you can do anything you could do with CA on Magento. Infact CA integrates into Magento.

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Re: Leaving Channel Advisor for Magento ,advice needed please

Like Moderator said, without knowing your exact needs and what you want to accomplish, it’s really difficult to give any advice and suggestion.


But since you’re talking about affordability, I think ChannelSale is your next best option. It’s a multi-channel e-commerce solution that offers similar (and even better) features as Channel Advisor at very low pricing. To that, it partners with over 200 shopping platforms including Magento, so integrating between marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines is very easy. There’s a big scope to expand your business with ChannelSale. So yeah, I think before you commit to anyone, check ChannelSale first. Transition from CA to this platform will be easy, given ChannelSale’s helpful customer support.


Hope my suggestion will ease your difficulty a little.


Re: Leaving Channel Advisor for Magento ,advice needed please

I can see that the last post was quite a while ago, but if someone would be interested in my opinion... It’s a weird question since CA, as it was previously mentioned, can be integrated with Magento and at the core, they are different systems that fulfill a different purpose.

If you are interested in a multi-channel inventory management platform that can provide you with sufficient functionality at a cost that’s lower than ChannelAdvisor, then you have quite a few options.

I see that somebody has suggested ChannelSale, cannot say about this platform much since I’m unfamiliar with its features and capabilities. However, if you have a high volume of sales (and judging from a fact that you’ve used CA, this is probably true) and several sales channels, I can suggest you check out Jazva.

Jazva can be fully integrated with Magento as well as most popular and profitable marketplaces. I would contact their sales team and see if your ecommerce operation can benefit from an all-round solution like Jazva. So far, we are fully satisfied with the platform.

I wish you all the best.