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Link customers to one another

Link customers to one another

Hi everyone


I'm new to the Magento world.


I'm want to know if in Magento, one can link a Customer to another Customer. So this is kinda different from creating a Customer Group (I think).


So an example would be where a Customer A has a login to my Magento-based store.

Then Customer A creates a login for Customer B and they are linked on some or other relationship e.g. Father (customer A) and child (customer B).

Thanks in advance



Re: Link customers to one another



It is possible but not without some significant changes.


I have done this before by adding a parent_id customer attribute and then providing the frontend admin for people to add their own children. This is exactly the same as creating a new account but because the customer is creating it on behalf of someone else it adds their customer id to the child account.


A customer is therefore a parent if it has accounts with their customer id as the parent id of another child.


I'm not sure how helpful this will be if you are new to Magento but it will give you a rough idea on how to approach it.




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Re: Link customers to one another

Hi reanm,

Could you please explain more in detail about your requirement? What the child account will inherited from the parrent account? Currently, we provide magento customize service. If you want, you can contact us on the link: or send email via 


Hope it's helpful for you.

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