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Magento 2 Spare Parts Store

Magento 2 Spare Parts Store

Hi guys, we have typical Spare Parts infrastructure with more than 100k products.


We tested Magento 1.9.2 CE but store is slow, admin operation complicated and user experience difficult finding parts.


We are not satisfied about it.


Is magento suitable for such a kind of structure? Spare Parts structure is really complicated cause you could share a screw through a lot of product causing possible enormous growing of database tables.


Which is your opinion? Better developing some software ad hoc?




Re: Magento 2 Spare Parts Store

Hi there,


Magento will work great for this type of store, you just need to use proper extensions, optimize server and get some practice.


> store is slow


Make sure your host optimize your server for Magento. Standard php/mysql configuration will be slow. you need cache, accelerator and mysql configuration optimized for Magento to fly. 

Try Magento 2 - it's even faster


> admin operation complicated


Magento has thousands of included features. management of such complex system can not be simple but after a little time figuring it out, you'll be surprise how simple most daily operations are. 

there are user guides, books and tutorials available or just try to do things and ask support if you have any problems. if your hosting company will not help you there - change it.


> and user experience difficult finding parts.


this is controlled by theme and search extension you are using. Even included "Luma" theme in Magento 2 is easy to use and very user friendly. 


For search extensions, try Sphinx search from mageworx or one of cloud searches which will perform actual search in their servers and return result - we had great success with those in 100k SKU stores and relevant results were returned instantly. Those cloud searches will have some extra monthly fees but it may be much less expensive when getting multi-server cluster for fast search if you have a lot of SKUs.


Hope this helps.


Anton Pachkine @ : Magento Managed Package. Get your e-commerce health checkup at

Re: Magento 2 Spare Parts Store

Hi Anton,


thanks for your quick and exhaustive answer.


I got a point upgrading my installation to 2.0. Not bad.


Sphinx search is interesting but I'm disappointed 'cause there's not a trial version.... you have to buy and extension is quite expensive.


We'gonna do some experiments.


I'll let you know.



Re: Magento 2 Spare Parts Store



Do you have or plan to have this extension for Magento 2? 

We setup new clients on Magento 2 now and some extensions are not available yet but we alway look for new ones being released to recommend them to clients.




Anton Pachkine



Anton Pachkine @ : Magento Managed Package. Get your e-commerce health checkup at