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Magento 2 and SEO

Magento 2 and SEO

Not sure if it's the right thread, but still..

I launched my Magento store about 7 month ago and managed to achieve quite impressive seo results - my site got on the 1st page of Google for 2 rather competitive niche keywords, and for the others keywords it's jumping back and forth in top 30. To optimize my site I used the default Magento seo features and the plugins by Yost and Mageworx.

Now, I got really impressed with Magento 2, and as soon as it is out of beta, I'm planning to move to it.

However, my biggest concern is that if I move to the updated version of the platform - will I lose my current google positions???!
As I know, some of the default seo features (like html sitemaps) will not be available in the x2 version (or I just didn't manage to fine them?). Also, i'm not sure if the plugings I'm currenly using will be compatible with it.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!


Re: Magento 2 and SEO

Hi @LanaB

First, thanks for using our SEO extension - glad to hear that helped you achieve great results!

Second, I guess there's no reason to worry about that - if you migrate the right way, you'll be able to preserve your store current positions and even improve them.

We have recently run a side-by-side comparison of the default SEO features that the x1 version and soon-to-be-released Magento 2 have - in fact, most of the SEO features remained the same, and some of them were enhanced. The only thing that was abolished for some reason is an HTML sitemap.

You may find the detailed analysis of Magento 2 SEO capabilities in this post.

As for the SEO extensions, I believe that soon most of developers (including Yoast) will adjust their software to Magento 2. We have already done that, by the way Smiley Wink


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Re: Magento 2 and SEO

I think using Rich Snippets can help you to place in the search engine results pages (SERPs)

I don't wanna type much here because I found this page interesting and clear enough for you:

Re: Magento 2 and SEO



I believe that Magento 2 is better for SEO because of performance and html optimization.

If you switch to Magento 2, I think Better SEO for Magento 2 is a great SEO extension for your store.

It is completed FREE! 


Here are feature list:

  • Automatically setup SEO criterials
  • Add Canonical URL Meta
  • Add Nofollow meta in Search Result
  • Add Nofollow meta in Product Gallery
  • Add Option: Follow/Nofollow/Noindex for Product, Category, CMS Page (Featured)
  • Add Link Rel=”alternate”
  • Automaticallu setup page title, meta description
  • .htaccess editor
  • robots.txt editor
  • Quick save .htaccess, robots.txt file
  • Optimize Breadcrumbs
  • Social Integration
  • Support multistores
  • RSS Optimization

Re: Magento 2 and SEO

what  plugins by Yost  are you using? I dont see any plugins for Magento 2.1 from them

Re: Magento 2 and SEO

You will surely not downgrade or lose your rankings. They would just stay as they are.

Infact, upgrading to M2 would uncover more possibilities and get you more visible to the Google which would help you in ranking more higher.

Re: Magento 2 and SEO


If everything is done correctly, no lost in rankings will be seen. But before switching to M2, one needs to create a clear plan of further actions not to miss out anything.

Note that M2 is not just an upgrade, it is a completely new system, so each extension including those you've mentioned will have to be installed again. And if any of your Magento 1 modules is not available for Magento 2, you're welcome to browse our M2 category and look for what you need there. For example, we have an SEO Toolkit for Magento 2, it has all the needed features like meta tags templates, rich snippets & more.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Magento 2 and SEO

Easily ranking your search engine with Google rich snippets for Magento 2 which helps to highlight important information in search results, with the purpose of improving your website visibility and providing exclusively targeted traffic to your store page.

Enabling rich snippets breadcrumbs which allow visitors to know where they are on the website at the present.
Initiating rich snippets with name, logo and more information of your organization.
Showing search box as a homepage input in search results.
In the category page: Showing average-rating products and starting price data
Adding availability status and condition tag of products to rich snippets

Re: Magento 2 and SEO

Rich Snippets automatically adds structural data to the HTML of your product pages and makes your website stands out in the search engine results pages, which increases click-through rate and decreases bounce rate. Schema markup tells search engines about the structure of your product page like breadcrumbs, product name, price, rating etc.

  • Increases click-through rate and decreases bounce rate
  • Resolves the pricing issue by tagging the currency and price separately
  • Increases page ranking in search result pages
  • Adds rich snippets markup/code to web pages
  • Users can determine the relevancy of specific results more easily

The following link Magento 2 Rich Snippets would be useful.

Re: Magento 2 and SEO

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