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Magento as a Fulfillment Solution

Magento as a Fulfillment Solution

Can magento handle being a furfilment center for other businesses?  


This would have to include:

  • having seperate inventory per customer/business
  • seperate skus
  • seperate order input
  • Allowing the customer to generate all kinds of reports based on their sales
  • Integrating the system into their accounting platform

Whatever else you can think of


Re: Magento as a Fulfillment Solution

Almost everything you listed is pretty simple to do in Magento. The only challenging part is having separate inventory per customer/business. The only really challenging item on that list is separate inventory per customer/business. There's some community efforts to support that well in Magento, but it's not part of the Magento core by default. 


I know AheadWorks and a few other extension authors have extensions for multiple warehouse support, but tracking inventory separately for each warehouse/business/customer is going to be a challenge. I've seen it done successfully in Magento 1, but it's not simple.

--Joshua Warren - @JoshuaSWarren on Twitter
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