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Magento category & filter issue

Magento category & filter issue

Hi all,

Can anyone help me with this? My website is:


I have 2 main categories: Dog Food & Cat Food each having Dry Dog Food and Dry Cat Food as sub cat (there are other active subcategories).


What I'm trying to do is when users click on Dog Food on navigation bar, I want to be able to take them to a page where they see products grouped by (categorized by) subcategories (like Dry Dog food) and Brand (for brand I have created an attribute myself, it's not a category). Similarly when they go one level down on menu Dog Food > Dry Dog Food, I want them to be able to see products brands as opposed to actual products first?


My second issue is I want to have Brand as filter on left hand side (as mentioned Brand is a attribute I created myself)

Thanks a lot in advance 

Thanks a lot in advance

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Re: Magento category & filter issue

I'll try it ... Let me. You make pages?


Magento create page (user's views) with categories. So In Calalog-> Manage Catgories ... You must create two main categories "Dog Food" and "Cat Food". Inside it one of them you must create subs. (1)


Now. You have to categorize each product in your specific category and magnto make the links. Remember. You must be sure this option in general tab in each category "Include in Navigation Menu * = YES"


Categories, Pages and Static Block are different things for magento but in sometimes they are the same thing for the user.


I hope I can be able to help. This is my first attempt to help someone here.