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Magento for a mail order repair company

Magento for a mail order repair company

I'm setting up a repair business, where customers will mail in the item to be repaired. Everything will need to be done through the web. I'd like to use Magento to take payment, print postage, and track incoming and outgoing shipments. I also need CRM and project management/helpdesk functionality. Is there a plugin for Magento that can do these things? If not, are there any CRM's that integrate particularly well with Magento? Any other advice?




Re: Magento for a mail order repair company

Your first part: The mailing in of the item will have to be custom. You can send a label for the user to print and you could create a virtual product to pay for whatever you want to have them pay for.


For a CRM you can look at ORO CRM - They integrate to Magento



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