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Making a self-service portal for Google Apps Reselling API

Making a self-service portal for Google Apps Reselling API

I've just started my internship at a Google Apps reseller. I'm building some sort of self-service portal for existing customers.


This is the idea:

The customers log in with their own account, and they see an overview of the licenses/subscriptions they've purchased. The purchased licenses/subscriptions are retrieved using this Google Apps Reseller API:


Using that API they should also be able to make changes to their licenses (for example, increase the number of users or suspend the licenses).


This is all possible through the Reseller API, but now I need to make the Portal itself.

The company I'm doing my internship at, suggested I could use an existing e-commerce platform like Magento. Is this possible with Magento, or should I just build the portal myself using html/php?


It's tricky because every customer that logs in, should see their own content, retrieved from the Google Apps Reseller API.

Do you have any ideas about how to solve this?


Feel free to ask more questions if I'm not clear enough.

Thanks in advance! Tristan

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