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Merchant Sign up and customer sign up

Merchant Sign up and customer sign up

Hi @ all,

Am a newbie, i wil like to know if magneto has the following functions:

1. Customer and merchants signup...

2. Whereby merchants upon sign up will have there own store.

3. The stores can also be categorized.

4. Each merchants will have there own administrator section


Thanks in advance @ all.  Smiley Very Happy


Re: Merchant Sign up and customer sign up

Hi @mindoxy,


By default Magento doesn't have this, you will need to buy and install a marketplace extension. There are quite many of them available and they are priced differently, have different functionality (although the essential part is more or less the same for all) and different code of quality, too. We did a little research on marketplace extensions recently and have put everything we found out (based on own experience as well) into this marketplace extension overview article - maybe it will be helpful to you.


All the best!


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