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Multi Store with different actions


Multi Store with different actions

Hi guys, I have a little problem:

I have a Magento site in which I have 2 (i can choose in frontend at any time) shops and I want to interact in two different forms. In one of them the shop will have a cart and prices and in the second one it will not have cart and prices so only customers can create budgets.

Is it possible determine what shop im in? I trying to use $_SERVER variables to manage shop1 and shop2 but this variable is restore to an initial value.

I’ll be waiting for your’re response, thank you in advance and sorry for poor language Smiley Tongue.

Best wishes.


Re: Multi Store with different actions

If you run multi store then do get store code instead of using $_SERVER. .

Mage::app()->getStore(); // this will gives current store's details


And untilise this for making peoper condition and to achieve your needs.


Hope it helps you cheers Smiley Happy


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Re: Multi Store with different actions

Thanks Grav, that works for me! Smiley Wink