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Multiple email option for customer


Multiple email option for customer



We are using Magento to manage our inventory, sales and stock. What we face sometimes the problem is that we need multiple email accounts for a same customer. I will make you understand in depth about my problem.

1. The main in charge of buying wants and account for him to login in the system. So we  register a customer in that company name with that buying officer 's email id.

2. Now he sometimes want another login password for his junior/ colleague. - problem 1

3. When the order is made then the buying in charge says that he doesn't wants the email confirmation that should go to another email id. Where as by default the order confirmation email goes to the email registered. - problem 2

4. When we make shipping slips then they say it should go to warehouse - another email- problem 3

5. Invoicing - The person under which account is registered doesn't wants email regarding accounts so he say send that to accounts department. - Problem 4


Now to solve this can i do some changes in my configuration or i need to buy some extension. Help in this matter is required .


Re: Multiple email option for customer

This feature set is available with Magento Commerce. If you're building a Magento Open Source site, there are extensions available that can help deliver this type of functionality, like:[]=open%20source%20(ce)


If you're ever considering a paid Magento Commerce license, you can read up on some of the specifically B2B features at:


Best of luck!