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No tax in shopping cart


No tax in shopping cart

Warning: New to Magento and first time poster. So no tomato throwing please.  I am setting up our site using the documentation and pretty much everything default until I get used to Magento. I am testing different orders to see if correct taxes are applied. Well, right now no taxes are applied at all. There should be one tax for orders shipped in our city, another tax for orders to our county, and a tax for orders shipped in our state that are out of our city and county.


My feeling it is something basic. I'm not seeing it at the moment. So it's time to take a dinner break. Any ideas on why taxes are not applied in the shopping cart?  Thanks in advance for any help.




Re: No tax in shopping cart

Setting up tax requires quite a few changes in Magento.


Do you have your tax rules , tax rates and tax classes setup correctly?


These can be found in

Admin > Sales > Tax


Once they're setup; you then need to make sure your settings are correct for whatever you countrys tax requirements are in

Admin > System > Configuration >Sales > Tax


You then need to make sure the product you are looking at is considered taxable.


Again, depending on your tax setup you may need to change other things such as your shipping origin or store location.


This may not be applicable to your country; however I use the following link as a reference when setting up my stores tax configs:

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Re: No tax in shopping cart

Your  help made something click and I Googled an idea and found something there as well. Tax now shows up. Now on to adding FedEx shipping method and Paypal payment intergration. 

The problem was in Customer Groups. Got those set and tweaked a couple of tax rules and rates and got it going. Thanks again.


Re: No tax in shopping cart

What clicked what did you do? 


I've the same problem I've not been trading for 1 week now because of this