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Old-Fashioned A/R payment option


Old-Fashioned A/R payment option

I just found Magento. My research indicates Magento will be an excellent solution for our needs. I love open-source, high quality software and the best support community.
We want to use Magento for a ecommerce store selling to government offices. Our customers are satisfied with an email invoice. Payment is by check mailed via USPS. Our business is ongoing and payment collections are acceptable. A small percentage pay online and we want to offer a standard ecommerce pre-pay payment solution also.
Can Magento be configured or customized to offer an old fashioned Accounts Receivable invoice payment option?


Re: Old-Fashioned A/R payment option

I found the following in an older post. " When a customer pays with a PO they also get the invoice email." This comment indicates that what I want to do is available in Magento. I have "watched" several tutorials that are very helpful but I have not found one that goes into payment options. I will see if I can find it in the documentation which I found on this site.

Re: Old-Fashioned A/R payment option

I found reference to Payment by Purchase Order in the Magento User Guide . Payment with a Purchase Order

However I still do not understand how the process works. It says the customer "references" a purchase order that they have previously created.

Is the invoice emailed to the customer?

Is receipt by the customer of the emailed invoice confirmed via email response?


Re: Old-Fashioned A/R payment option

I figured out the answer.

The Magento User Guide (once I figured out how to navigate) offers enough information to convince me that Magento will do what I want to do. It even mentions "billing agreements" which I take to mean something like a "promise to pay".


My most effective learning method is by doing. My next step is to install Magento, configure and setup and experiment.

Re: Old-Fashioned A/R payment option

Hi @john_brown,


Thanks for keeping updating your post until you figured out the answer.


That is the attitude we really appreciate in the community since your topic will be useful for other community members and you described the process until you found the solution.



Best regards.

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