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One product - multiple styles/colors depending on style?

One product - multiple styles/colors depending on style?

I run an embroidery business... with the cart I use now, I have to add everything as separate products (tshirt, sweatshirt, hat, etc) for each design. This really makes my store big and awkward and hard to browse.


What I am looking for is a cart where I can list each DESIGN as a single product - inside each product, list every item it's available on. Here's the tricky part - say if I sold T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Bags - when the customer selected "T-shirt," it would then allow the user to pick the size and color for t-shirts. For sweatshirts, the same - although the size and colors might not be the same as available for t-shirts. And for bags, no size would be needed, but yet another different selection of colors. Style, with size and color dependent upon the style.


Is this something Magento can do? Or with an extension of some kind? I see big stores have this option all the time, and I simply cannot figure out what cart they're using. Tee Turtle, for example, does something similar.


Re: One product - multiple styles/colors depending on style?

Hi @susan_stoneman,

Do you run Magento 1 or 2?

If I understood your idea correctly, you can utilize core Magento functionality of configurable products. Please read more about it here.

You might also find useful something like configurable products extension that allows bulk products creation. This module, for example, allows you to generate all the simples you need in several clicks.

Hope this helps!

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