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Online Consignment Store

Online Consignment Store

Hi Magento Community,


I am starting a consignment business where everyday people send their items to me and I sell them on the website on consignment. This means that I will have a lot of vendors (people sending me stuff to sell). A normal shopping cart setup won't do everything I want. Just like on some websites you can go into your account and see what purchases/orders have been made I would like the users to have an option to see their items for sale/sold. This would list what they have for sale, whether it has been sold and what their commission is.


I would like to go with Magento for my business but need to know if this is possible first.


Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Online Consignment Store

Magento is the best option to start any online store. Like you are going to start a marketplace, Magento provides you the amazing features, functionality, an extension which make your store more aggregated. Definalty , Magento provide you better result ahead Smiley Happy