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Override Less File

Override Less File

Hi All , 


     Actually , I have used in one less file below the variables

 @header-icons-color: @color-white;@header-icons-color-hover: @color-white;


 And Now I have to change the color of the Sorter Asce and Desc option in catalog page. I have override the _toolbar.less file. It is for Original lib file

&-action {
@_icon-font-size: 16px,
@_icon-font-color: @header-icons-color,
@_icon-font-color-hover: @header-icons-color-hover

 I have created _toolbar-extend.less and i wanna override the color. 

So in that case we can not override the color because I have already used the @heade-icons-color?

 we can have many options do that.. But what you ppl are thinking which is the way to get the correct way?


So can anyone tell me your thoughts ?