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Physical and Downloadble product


Physical and Downloadble product

Hi All, 


I'm fairly new to Magento. I am trying to make a store where I can sell digital prints.


I want to offer both the option to buy a physical print but also allow the customer to select the option to download a digital copy instead of purchasing an actual print. 


I have tried using configurable products but can't seem to figure out a way of doing this. Does anyone know if this is possible? I'm sure it must be as I guess it's the same as people offering ebooks or physical books I guess. 


Re: Physical and Downloadble product

I think I would do this as a grouped product with two simple products associated. One simple product would by the physical version, the other would be a downloadable product for the digital version. On the product page, a grouped product shows as a table by default where customers can choose the quantity of each. This means that they can buy either or both. 

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Re: Physical and Downloadble product

That's perfect! Thanks Tom.

Now I just need to figure out how to get 17,000 products imported with all the different variations!