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Please help with my products

Please help with my products

Hi all,


First time post, hoping for a little input.


Our SEO agency have noted a steady decline in organic traffic year on year.


The have pin pointed that a problem maybe because we have so many similar product variations listed as simple products, this is causing Google to prioritise our cat page and not the product itself as its confused about what version the customer would want. 


For example, one of the products we sell, an iPhone 6 LCD we have several variations




With home button (gold, silver black)

With components installed

Without complonents installed

OEM / non OEM


in total maybe 20 iPhone 6 LCD screens all listed as different products, we have several products in this situation, if i go down this route its going to be a huge undertaking. 


My questions are:


How can i bundle these all together? or would it be a case of creating a new configurable product? 

With each variant selected can i have the description change with each as each would need additional information to enplane the configuration?

How would this make a difference with M2E? 

we need unique SKUs for each so we can track stock moments and usage reports. 



It seems like so much effort to do this, we have over 5000 products and many could potentially be variants (either by colour of configuration) any other way around this? 


Thanks in advance.




Re: Please help with my products


It does sound like you could fairly simply create a configurable product out of those similar SKUs and solve your problem.    Swapping the description upon selection would take a little custom work, but it's not terribly complex.    

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Re: Please help with my products

Hi @replacebase,


From your description, it looks like you could utilize an extension that allows you to effectively manage your configurable products and overcome Magento limitations. You can search the marketplace and find something like this. There are many solutions, most of them focus on creating a product matrix in just a few clicks.

All these extensions create a full array of simple products based on the attributes you set (color, size, material, etc). So you'll need to check what kind of links they create (for SEO). 

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