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Price / Catalog rules problems

Price / Catalog rules problems


I've been trying out catalog and pricing rules now in community and cannot get it quite right.  Not sure if its me or if I need a plugin.


Our store sells study guides and study packs.  A typical set up might look like this:

Item 1: Foundation Guide

Item 2: Certified Guide

Item 3: Study Pack


Items 1 and 2 are included in Item 3 but occasionally, we have customers that still buy a study pack and a guide.  What we would really like is to set some rules so a customer doesn't end up paying more then they need.


For example, if their order looked like this


Item 1: Foundation Guide

Item 3: Study Pack


At checkout or in the cart, the item 1 price would be 0 so they'd only pay for Item 3.


I've tried adding a condition like this in cart and catalog to no avail.


If ALL  of these conditions are TRUE :

SKU  is  B101, B103

and then having an action to reduce the price but nothing happens.


If anyone else has experienced the same, please can you provide any advice.


Thanks and best regards