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Problem with 'child' (simple) products and postage calculator

Problem with 'child' (simple) products and postage calculator

I am running a Lightspeed webstore via Magento, and using the Australia Post plug in to calculate customer postage.


The plug in is correctly calculating postage for Simple products, but will not calculate for products attached to Configurable products. 


Eg. If I list Red Umbrella, Blue Umbrella and Black Umbrella as three separate simple products, no problems. 

But if I list Red, Blue & Black as drop down options from the  Configurable (Master) Product, Umbrella, then the postage calculator will not work. 


There is available inventory for all the products, and all the weights and dimensions have been entered. 


Does anyone have any ideas about if this is a Magento issue (and if so, how it can be recitified?), or if it sounds like a problem with the postage plug-in I am using?


Thank you, Kate


Re: Problem with 'child' (simple) products and postage calculator



Can u test run it with grouped product instead of configurable product and see if the same issue occurrs?


There are several extensions in the market, therefore try changing the extension. Magento what so ever has no issues with this.