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Product Help

Product Help

Hi All,


I am trying to figure out what is the best way to handle my situation. I am trying to figure out how to have two products  act as one product with the end sku being different depending on the choice the person chooses.


Product A is a cane which has a number of options to choice from. They include size, sections and tip type. Now the canes are inventory controlled without the tip on it. Now when the order is placed the tip is added. Now the hard part is when the order is placed and its added to the cart it has a sku based on the cane and the tip selected, now inventor would be taken out of both the cane and the tip, however if the tip is bought separately the sku is different.



Product A Cane size 54in 5 sections no tip sku PGS0000WR-S54-5 sku with Tip A PGS4020WR-S54-5

Tip A - MT4020

Tip B - MT2030 etc


how should this be done?  thank you for the help!



Re: Product Help

Hello @adaptify

Do we understand correctly that you want to:

(1) Make canes available in different sizes and section types.

(2) Track the inventory separately for canes and tips

(3) Produce one single sku in the cart that would depend on the options the customer has selected?


By the way, is the tip also available in different modifications? 


If this is the case, you will probably need an extension that allows you to combine configurable products into a bundle product. However, there aren't that many extensions that do that (here is one, for example). 


And, in general, you could play with different types of products in Magento (simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, etc.) as well as custom options to come up with a combination that does what you need.




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