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Products valued and traded using points system

Products valued and traded using points system



I'm from the development department in a small company in Portugal and we are looking for an open source e-commerce solution for a project.


We're considering Magento, but we need a feature in which products will have it's value set in points instead of real currency and the store customers would have kind of a "points wallet", that they would be abble to trade for products. They would be purchasing products with points instead of real currency. Does Magento has some kind of built-in feature that allows the configuration of such functionality?


Thank you.

José Fernandes


Re: Products valued and traded using points system

there is no such feature in the Community Edition, however, you can find many extensions about 'Reward points' that could potentially accommodate your needs if you slightly tweak them. Main question remains : how users will gain this points initially on their account (manual credit through backend ?)


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