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Products with contact form

Products with contact form

Hello everyone,

I need some products instead of going to the cart open a contact form for the customer to fill. The product is not paid on the site, because it is customized.

Thank you very much in advance!


Re: Products with contact form




here is a simple solution but it will change "add to cart" button for all products:

or this one:

you can try to hardcode {if} statement with productids for which this different button will be shown.

or to do this properly, we would add custom setting on each product details page in admin called "Contact Us" and if it's enabled, "Add to cart" button will open contact us page or popup for this products. but this will require some customization.


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Re: Products with contact form

Hello @multilojas

This Hide Price extension could help to replace the "Add to Cart" button with the custom message, for instance "Please Contact Us for the Price", linked to a contact form. You are able to create the custom contact form within the SmartForm Builder plugin.


Hope this helps!

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