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Question based cart choices


Question based cart choices

We want to be able to walk our customers through a series of questions that will lead them to the right set of products. Example:


What is the primary reason for choosing our product:

1. Kidney health

2. Prostate health

3. Sleeping aid

4. Enery


Then based on their selection we show them a set of products and ask them more questions. By the end of the process we have the perfect package of teas in a volume that matches their drinking habits.


Make sense? Is this something too custom for Magento?


Re: Question based cart choices

@dcastro Yes it required huge amount of customization as its not into exiting Magento, however its possible. let me help you by sharing some ideas.

Appearing that based on answers of questions you would like to show products instead of showing products directly. So basically your work start from questions with which the products attached and define the process, how long you would ask question. You can utilize categories for question but needs customization of flow.


Cheers Smiley Happy


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Re: Question based cart choices


I am going to be prototyping all the screens in html and then looking for a programmer to either start with a shopping system or from scratch. If you know anyone with those capabilities, please have them reach out to me or provide me with contact info. I will have all the logic planned out and all the screens created. Will be a matter of creating the engine behind it. I planned on utilizing categories to pair with answers as they go along. The goal is to help them build a tea subscription that is customized specifically to their tastes/requirements and how frequently they drink tea. The goal is instead of them picking things by cool name or simply by type of tea, we guide them through a process and even if they dont know what teas they should choose the process will pick the top 10 or whatever teas that fit their needs. They will feel more attached to the process and the outcome and be more likely to subscribe to the recurring tea shipments than if we simply tell them to pick from all the inventory.

Looking forward to this project, just not sure what framework to start with.

Re: Question based cart choices

@dcastro great

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