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Receive inventory into stock?

Receive inventory into stock?

Soon I'm migrating from Shopify to Magento 2 open-source edition.


How do you add/receive stock to Magento?


I have ~1500 SKUs and I sell about ~2500 pieces a month. So that means several times a week I receive a box from a supplier with anywhere from 3- 50 SKUs of various quantities that need to be added to the inventory count.


Right now my practice is that after ordering stock from a supplier I would create what Shopify calls a "Transfer." It's basically a list of (simple) products and a quanity for each. You can add the ETA, supplier name, tracking number, etc.  Then when the products physically arrive you can either click "Receive All" which would assume everything arrived, or you can go item by item counting each one, and you can receive partial amounts (5 items were ordered, 4 arrived, 1 was missing or rejected), and then in either case when you're done the system will add all the quantities to what's available on the store, and I put my goods on the shelf and call it a day.

The nice bonus of creating these Transfers is that the store front-end would tell the customer "this product is expected back in stock on [date]" and the fact that items are incoming is plainly visible to store staff, so they don't have to go to the Buyer and ask if/when product X will be restocked.


Does magento 2 have an equivalent system?

If not, what are the best extensions to do it?

Ideally I've love to be able to import a spreadsheet that simply has SKUs and QTYs.