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Recurring Software License BILLING (but not charging)

Recurring Software License BILLING (but not charging)

So here's the scoop.  I've been tasked to create on online store for selling different software licenses.  These licenses (most of them) will be annual (recurring).  BUT, we do not want to auto-charge them.  We want to invoice the customer, and they come back and make the purchase.


This being said, we don't need the SARP packages that work only with paypal, etc, as we are doing NORMAL charging and not saving any customer CC info.


Also, we need to be able to have multiple "subscriptions", and people need to be able to renew particular subscriptions, and each subscription be identifiable with a current expiration date.


I hope I was clear enough, I've been googling for the past 5 hours and my eyes are crossing.  All signs say Magento is king, but I can't find the particular functionality I need.


Thanks in advance for your advice in this...