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Refund VAT/Tax on an order

Refund VAT/Tax on an order

My client sells at trade shows all over the UK and Europe (they're based in the UK). They get customers coming to these trade shows from outside the EU. Upon leaving the EU the customers can (assuming they get the froms stamped at customs) claim back the tax charged. This, in theory, could be up to 4 months later.


We are using the Ebizmarts epos software so the client can sell at these shows and use Magento to manage their website and these transaction.


So we need to be able to refund just the tax on some orders. Does anyone know of a plugin that would enable this or am I going to have to code a solution myself? 


Yes we could could create a credit note and put an adjustment value for the value of the tax, however (as far as I can see) that would make the tax reports incorrect as there's no way to flag the refund as tax only.


Any ideas / advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Richie Smiley Happy

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Re: Refund VAT/Tax on an order



Did you ever figure this out?

Re: Refund VAT/Tax on an order

Not yet, it's been put on hold as not a high priority for this client. Will come back to is though. Looks like it's going to have to be a new module.