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Royal Mail Click and drop Write back error

Royal Mail Click and drop Write back error

I have Royal Mail  Click and Drop intergrated into Magento 2 and while Magento Pushes orders out to Click and drop, Click and drop doesnt send the tracking number back to Magento.


Click and drop does this for my Etsy and Ebay stores and says it should for M2.


Is the problem that when I get an order in my M2 store, I move the status from proccessing to complete, So that I can put the shipment document in the package and then apply postage.


Im a one man warehouse operation so my process is

Log onto M2

Go into orders

Change Status from Proccessing to Complete - For all Proccessing orders up to 50 at a time.

Print Invoice and Shipping paperwork for all orders

Pick using the invoice for all order

Pack the goods for all orders

put Shipping paperwork into package


Go to Click and drop - make any changes

Copy tracking number

Paste Tracking number in M2

Print Royal Mail Postage

Pack in post bag


Royal Mail says there is a write back error for the tracking number


Any ideas





Re: Royal Mail Click and drop Write back error

Ok is this becouse I have gone from Proccessing to Complete.


So do I need to have a statues that once the Invoice is printed it goes to awaiting despatch so that Click and drop will feed back in and then once M2 is updated with tracking it automatically changes the satatus to shipped? Would that work and if so how