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Sale Product

Sale Product



I am not if this has been posted and I am just new to Magento. I have a question and I hope someone could me. 


My scenario is like this, we want to post a multiple product for a flash sale but we don't want the customer to purchase another product that is also the flash sale. For example, a mobile phone, smartwatch and a powerbank to be on the flash sale on the same day. So if a customer add the mobile phone on his/her cart, he/she cannot add the other two product that are also in the flash sale but they can buy other products that are not part of the flash sale. Is this possible? need a little help on this please.


Thank you




Re: Sale Product

Hi @ToRonSkie,


By default you won't (isn't a feature out-of-the-box) but maybe you can start looking at the marketplace:

If not, I'm pretty sure that kind fo restriction could be developed. In the past I've made some module (Magento 1) to handle that kind of rules so I know is possible.

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