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Search results by store view


Search results by store view

I have one website and have three stores (wedding, baby and special_occasions).  My products are all assigned to categories that relate to the stores (i.e. baby, wedding, other).  In a few cases, products need to overlap between stores, so they are assigned to multiple categories.


So far so good!  The problem.... when I do a search (using extended with full text), ALL products show up in all stores.  Since both status and visibility are global, I can't figure out how to limit the search to only the products in the store view.


Can anyone help with this???  I've looked all over the web and can't seem to find a way to do this!


Re: Search results by store view

Please check Scope of your attribute into Manage attributes. For I.E if you search through product name then check Scope of "name" and if GLobal then do change it witg "Store".


hope it helps youSmiley Happy

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Re: Search results by store view

Thanks so much!  I didn't realize that attributes can be changed using scope from global to store view.  I changed visibility and set it according to what I need (by store).  Works great!!!!!