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Select products from attributes in a list

Select products from attributes in a list

Hi New to Magento - I've done a bit of hunting around but not quite managed to find what I'm looking for on the board so hopefully someone can help. I have an supplier who can give me his entire inventory in a CSV file which is around 7,000 products. The list contains Gender:BrandSmiley TongueroductSmiley Tongueroduct OptionSmiley Tonguerice:Image As these are essentially stock that is not held I don't want to import them as products but separate them out from the rest of the products on hand. Ideally however someone would go to this product page (or maybe a custom page) and select Gender Brand Product then Product Option It would then display an image and a price which they could then add to basket and check out on my site. I then fulfil the order with my supplier and send to the customer. I don't know if this is possible to setup as a single product with multiple selectable attributes in Magento or is anyone aware of a plug-in or custom setup to achieve this? Any help / pointers gratefully received. Cheers Chris

Re: Select products from attributes in a list

Magento products have an option named "Custom options" (there's tab under product management for that). Look into it more closely.

Tanel Raja