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Shipping Calculations

Shipping Calculations

Hi, I am looking at different shopping cart software trying to determine the method for calculating shipping.

We currently use UPS to do our shipping but I was wondering how Magento determines the price by weight and dimensions. For our store, we had a wide variety of sizes and different sizes boxes that each fit into. Some are really small and can go in just about any box and others are bigger and can only fit in 1 size box and we have yet another category where they are medium and go into yet another size box. Is this possible in Magento? And importantly since there seems to be many versions, which version? Thank you!

- Dan


Re: Shipping Calculations


Have you checked or tried table rate shipping method ?


Hope it helps you Smiley Happy

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Re: Shipping Calculations

Ho @dguzman3

Shipping table rates should work for you.

You can also have a look at this extension that gives advanced options for calculating shipping in Magento

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