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Shipping Features, Product Options, and More

Shipping Features, Product Options, and More

I'm looking to see if Magento has several features. These are the features I could not find information about on my own research. 


Does Magento have any of the features below or something similar? As the features available in CE, EE, or as an extension. Documentation or a help page on the feature would be very helpful. Thanks!




Customer Account

From their account, a customer can click on a tracking hyperlink to go directly to UPS or USPS tracking page.


Shipping Notification Email

Shipping confirmation emails include a link or URL for UPS or USPS tracking.



Real time shipping rates - shipping price is our cost plus a % mark up.



Built in ability to provide FTP credentials for unlimited number of vendors and set automated action to send the feed.

           A datafeed might be used for Google Shopping.


Product Discount

Price tiers on product discounts can either be a % off or dollars off.



  • Product options can have adjusted prices.
  •              For example, the base price for a t-shirt is $10, but an XL t-shirt might cost an additional $1.00
  • Product options can but edited in bulk (either via admin portal or via a CSV import functionality).
  • Related products can be edited or updated in bulk (import).