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Shop selling "services"

Shop selling "services"

Hi Everyone,


I want to make a website (on Magento) with some specific features and I would like to know if someone could give me some hints about it. 

Site goal is to sell rebates/coupons for selected services (i.e. barber, pubs, restaurants, fitness, (...)) from specific region.

Website requirements / my questions:

1. Is it possible to sell services not products, so no standard shipping, only email/sms notifications after purchasing?

2. Disable shopping cart - only one service to buy at time (by Module Mage_Checkout is a good way)?


I just started my research so any help will be useful (links, hints and advices Smiley Happy) I know only sites from my country (Poland), so some good examples from other countries would be great.


Re: Shop selling "services"


  Yes you can create virtual products for your services which donot require shipping.

Re: Shop selling "services"

Thank U for Your reply, just reading about magento product types.