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Shopping Cart Rule problem

Shopping Cart Rule problem

I am using Magento 


I am trying to create a rule where if a customer buys 3 products within a range of SKUs one is free.


I have set no conditions.


In the Actions panel I select "Buy X get Y Free"

The discount amount is "1"

The maximum qty discount is applied to is "1"

The Discount Qty Step (Buy X) is "2"

Wont apply to shipping, stop further rules processing.


At the bottom of the panel I add only apply the rule to cart items matching the following conditions, and I say Any SKUs containing (XXXX) and (XXXX) 


This doesnt work. I have tried all kinds of other ways to achieve what I want, which is for a customer to be able to add anything they like to the cart but get a discount amounting to a free third item in the matching SKUs. HELP PLEASE!!


Re: Shopping Cart Rule problem

Hi @gaz_nzoactive,


Please check the links, I think they will help:

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Re: Shopping Cart Rule problem

Thanks for the response. The setup that is linked in is exactly what I did, but it didnt work. I will try again, but that step by step is what I followed from the support knowledgebase. I will let you know how I get on, but I changed this weeks promotion because I could not get the one I had in mind to function.