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Show 'SOLD' when an item sells

Show 'SOLD' when an item sells

When an item sells, I would like the word 'SOLD' to show up in red under the item photo- replacing

the price.  The item should continue to be shown on the website. 

1.  Can this be done?

2.  Must it be done manually when an item sells?

3.  Is there a way to set this up so it occurs automatically every time an item is sold?



Re: Show 'SOLD' when an item sells

Hi @bluecornstudio


Here are a few options to help you replace "Add to Cart" text with "Sold" automatically:


- Use Pre Order extension. You can customize the text displaying on the button, so instead of Pre Order you can write Sold. Once the product is out of stock, the button will display "Sold".



- Another option is to place a product label instead of changing the button text. You can use Custom Stock Status for that.


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