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Show product (complete view) on homepage

Show product (complete view) on homepage

Hi there,


I am new with Magento and struggling to show product details ( including product options ) on homepage. I basically need the HTML version of getProductOptionCollection - or to render the form.phtml template somehow.


Can someone please advise what's the best way to achieve this?


Thanks very much!


Re: Show product (complete view) on homepage

First, you probably stand a better chance of getting a response if you post this in one of the technical forums on here instead of the general chat.   

Second, I am going to assume you are using Magento 1 based on the question? 

It's been a while since I've had to write any code, so someone that has done it more recently may provide a more detailed explanation.   However, phtml files are templates tied to blocks.  Do a little research on how the blocks are added to pages using xml in Magento.  Find the block you want added to the home page, and see how Magento adds it to the page you found it on.  Understanding the XML and block structure is key to becoming efficient in Magento development.    

That's a non-specific answer to your question, but hopefully sends you down the right path.   

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