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Simple product preselect configurable product + google

Simple product preselect configurable product + google



I've been struggling to find an answer to this question (that I can understand) and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.


Imagine I have a product "X". X has two weights (500g and 1kg).


I want to be able to show these on the website under a configurable product with two options to select (500g and 1kg). This I can manage and know how to do.


The problem comes when google is involved. I want to be able to submit to google merchant/shopping as two seperate weights (so buyers click the weight they want) and they are then taken to the configurable product with the correct weight pre-selected.


How would I go about doing this?I have seen some extensions that allow pre-selection in the configurable product from a redirect of the simple products - but even them I'm left unsure on how to handle google. Would google allow a redirect from the simple product to the configurable product from the ad?

Is there an easier option?


Would appreciate some guidance or push in the right direction. Thanks