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Sort Order

Sort Order

I wonder if anyone can assist me to avoid having to manually update 3800 configurable products!


- I have cross sell and up sell items (which are the same for each configurable product) which I want to set the sort order for. 

The Up sell and cross sell items were added using the Amasty Bulk Actions extension, but the up sells appear in no specific order but I want that to happen. I have been and added the sort order manually for around 100, but with 3700 still to go have decided that there must be an easier way to do this !!


Any help will be greatly appreciated. 


Re: Sort Order

Hi @AndyBoreham,


I guess it will depend on the criteria you want to use to order those products.
Can the sort order criteria be automated?


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Re: Sort Order


I don’t know to be honest, I just need to know what the default is for the sort order so that I can set it accordingly.

Kind regards

Operations Manager