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Sort by attributes in magento 1.9.0

Sort by attributes in magento 1.9.0

Hi, I have attributes BestSellers, New Arrival, Most Viewed and New & Popular(Default). So i want to sort my products according to these attributes. So how it’s possible. also i want to remove custom block in the menu of ultimo theme


Re: Sort by attributes in magento 1.9.0

Hi @saquib189 


I'm not sure wether you actually mean sorting or filtering by, but you can edit both of these from the attribute in the admin, just go to:


Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes


Find the attributes you want to add as sorting, find the option: Used for Sorting in Product Listing


And set that to yes. You can also activate these to be filtered by your users by selecting:  Use In Layered Navigation


I hope this helps :-)

Re: Sort by attributes in magento 1.9.0

Hi saquib189,


As @Theis Corfixen already said, this can be managed from the admin.


If you look at page 42 + 43 of the Ultimo Theme installation guide (Version 1.13), is says:


4.5.4 Layered Navigation ("Shop By" filters)

Magento's Layered Navigation allows your customers to filter down products using any attribute that is set as filterable for Layered Navigation. The Layered Navigation menu will display in the left column of your category pages, and will contain all of the attributes which are filterable.

You can configure each attribute to be displayed in Layered Navigation: Use in Layered Navigation field in Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > [select attribute]. Please refer to Magento documentation for more details: hapter_3#attributes hapter_3#layered_navigation


4.5.5 Categories inside Layered Navigation

This theme adds ability to display a list of categories in the category view (independent from Magento's Layered Navigation). For more details refer to 13.1.4 Sidebar Menu.

You can display categories inside Magento's Layered Navigation block ("Shop by" block) at the top of the left sidebar in category view. To display selected category in the Layered Navigation, go to Catalog > Manage Categories, click selected category and set Is Anchor field (in Display Settings tab) to Yes:


From now on this category will be displayed in the Layered Navigation. If the category is not displayed in the frontend: reindex the data in System > Index Management and refresh Magento cache.


Regarding Custom Blocks - please specify which block you would like ro remove, if it is the header block, refer to page 92, ex:


block_header_nav_dropdown–drop-down box in the mainmenu.


block_nav_links – custom links in the main menu. This block is deprecated and will be removed in future versions. 


Let us know if this helps Smiley Happy

-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen / @KentChrDK / Magento Certified Solution Specialist / Visit my site (DK)

Re: Sort by attributes in magento 1.9.0

You can sort by any attributes in magento as long as you set it in Catalog -> Manage Attributes. However, what you are describing (best seller, etc) are dynamic values. For that you will need our Product Sorting Extensions For static attributes you can do it with default magento.

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Re: Sort by attributes in magento 1.9.0


Here is one more alternative for including dynamic attributes to the sorting options -


Magento improved sorting by Amasty

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