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Sub Products at 2 levels


Sub Products at 2 levels

Hi. I am wondeing about how I should create products for my DVD rental site.

With movies, I have no problems, organising them into categories.


With TV show, I have an issue about how to create the catalog:


A TV series has 3 levels, and I only want the clients to "add to cart" the third level:


THE TV series itself (e.g. Game of Thrones) - UN rentable, but visible

Then each TV series has Seasons (Season 1, 2, 3, etc) again, un rentable because I must send them DISCS.

The third level is the Disc itself, which belongs to the Season (Disc 1-5 in the game of thrones example) There I do want them to be able to move to a cart.


Which is the way that I can have my clients find a series, enter, then choose the season, then finally choose the disc for that season?


Thanks in advance for any guidance. Total magento newbie here!


Re: Sub Products at 2 levels

Hi @aindaDVD,


I guess you should take several approaches (maybe it will depend on the size of yoru catalog).


1) You can use categories to add each serie, adn then subcategories for each season. Finally, each episode will be a product.


2) You can create one product per episode and set attributes as serie and episde.


3) You can use grouped products to sell a whole season. In that case you could use just 1 category for serie and then as many grouped prodcuts as season do you have.


I'm pretty sure there will be more possible approaches but it will depend on your catalog.


(my 2 cents)

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Re: Sub Products at 2 levels

Thanks Damian:

I considered option 1: But with over 90 series, and rising, I envision too much trouble having each SERIES Title as a category.


Option 2: Im not understanding. The "products" are SERIES CONCEPT (like a Parent to the products) Then Seasons, then discs (episodes reside on discs, so I don't need to take it down further than an actual DVD disc contain X episodes)


Option 3: I don't want, and people shouldn't have, entire seasons in this scenario. (For example an entire season of The Flash is 27 episodes over 6 discs. The DVD rental I am setting up is like Netflix original system, sending the individual discs and sending out more as they return. 


I was trying to imagine each Series as a product with configurable attibutes (instead of color and size, with number of seasons and discs) but I am unfamiliar with that setup and not sure it's possible to define each Series with attributes that way: For example. A Series might be in season 1, others in season 5, others complete in 7, some have 3 discs per season, some have 5, some have 3 one season, 4 the next, then 3 (or like Game of Thrones, Season 7 is now 4 DVDs and the first six were 5. Can using CONFIGURABLE ATTRIBUTES solve this?easily?

Re: Sub Products at 2 levels

Hi @aindaDVD,

With configurable products you will need a simple (or virtual) product for each final combination.


If you will cretae the products manually, maybe, you'll think that is a lot of work the first time.

Also, with configurable products the customer will be allowed to buy just 1 disc per time. If the customer want 2 discs it will need to add the cart the first disc and then got o the configurable product again to select the options to get the second disc.


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