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Subcategories and Information on Google

Subcategories and Information on Google

Hello, I'm fairly new to Magento and would like to know how to list a few subcategories and some information under the website on Google (as such ).Any help would be appreciated.


Additionally, off topic: I noticed when I receive emails from some brands that obviously use Magento the newsletter comes in a form of link rather than preset templates. Any ideas what they use and how its done?


Re: Subcategories and Information on Google

Hi @ng2007


There isn't any definite way to get Sitelinks into Google. Google has kept it secret to discourage people from manipulating this feature. Even though, here are some characteristics of websites which increases the chances to get Sitelinks in Google:

  • Site ranks first for the keyword(s) that generate the Sitelinks listing
  • Easily spiderable, structured navigation.
  • High natural search traffic.
  • Strong click through rates from the search results page.
  • Popular internal pages appear as Sitelinks.
  • Unique titles and meta descriptions on internal pages.

For more information, visit:


I'm not sure what you are asking for the newsletter but if you can elaborate, may be I can help.

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